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Our SM BERGHIA are a minimum 1/8th inch or larger when they are shipped

BERGHIA are one of the most effective & safest ways to handle an Aiptasia outbreak in a reef! BERGHIA are also nocturnal so once acclimated and added to your system, BERGHIA are rarely seen during the day. BERGHIA are pack hunters with a ferocious appetite for Aiptasia as it is the ONLY FOOD SOURCE BERGHIA WILL EAT! 100% reef safe! BERGHIA are hermaphrodites. An adult BERGHIA will lay egg spirals every couple days to help them colonize and battle the Aiptasia, just remember BERGHIA is not an overnight cure, it may take several weeks for the BERGHIA to wipe out the Aiptasia depending on the size of the infestation. LG BERGHIA for high flow reef tanks , MED BERGHIA for medium flow ,to low flow reef tanks, SM BERGHIA for low flow reef tanks,


  1. First feed your fish so they’re not hungry!
  2. After your fish are done feeding turn off your aquarium lights, this will calm your tank inhabitants down.
  3. Take half the water out of the BERGHIA container and add a few drops of your tank water with the supplied pipette dropper. Add a few drops every couple minutes until the water is doubled in the container roughly over a course of 20-30 min
  4. Now TURN OFF ALL FLOW. this is important.
  5. With the supplied pipette carefully suck the BERGHIA up and place on a rock near Aiptasia source. No closer than 2 inches. Away from any direct blasts from power heads. Never drop BERGHIA directly on Aiptasia, as the BEGHIA can be killed.
  6. Allow 5 minutes for the BERGHIA to get settled in before restoring flow, then give at least half an hour to pass before restoring the aquarium lighting.

PREDATORS OF BERGHIA INCLUDE: Shrimp, sally light foot crab, emerald crab, arrow crab, wrasses


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